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Laugh at My Pain online subtitrat


Notă IMDb: 6.7/10 din 1591 voturi. Un premiu și o nominalizare. Pare a fi foarte bun.

After losing his family when he was young, Nam-soon feels no pain. He cannot feel physical pain and is emotionally barren until he meets Dong-hyeon, who calls herself a vampire because she suffers from hemophilia. Unlike Dong-hyeon, when Nam-soon is injured, she bleeds from even the smallest wound. As the two grow closer, Dong-hyeon suddenly begins to lose his lifelong insensitivity to pain and the hurt of a lifetime washes over him.

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Poster Laugh at My Pain

Țară: SUA

An: 2011

Gen: Comedie, Documentare

Durată: 1 oră și 29 minute